Report CDR Logs

Returns CDR (Call detail record) information for the given period.

100 records maximum for a single request.

A sync method.


app_tokenMandatory. Application token supplied by Alotech.
startdateMandatory. Start date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S format.
finishdateMandatory. Finish date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S format.
agentOptional. Unique ID of the agent user.
agent_usernameOptional. Username (e-mail address) of the agent user.
queueOptional. Unique ID of the queue.
include_call_historyOptional. "true" or "false", default "false". If "true" call history information is included in response.
csat_onlyOptional. "true" or "false", default "false". If "true" only customer satisfaction survey information including calls are included in response.
include_csatOptional. "true" or "false", default "false". If "true" customer satisfaction survey information is included in response.
include_call_tagsOptional "true" or "false", default "false". If "true" call tags information is included in response.
cursorOptional. You can request to get more records with the cursor.
sortingOptional "asc" or "desc", default value "desc". Based to the calldate the list will be sorted in ascending or descending order.
activecallkeyOptional. if you provide activecallkey parameter, all of the other filter parameters you provided will be ignored.
callkeyOptional. if you provide callkey parameter, all of the other filter parameters you provided will be ignored.

Optional. uniqueid parameter is used for integrations to other systems.

For example, 

  • uniqueid can be CRM action id for a click to call cdr item.
  • uniqueid can be Contact id for a dialer call.

if you provide uniqueid parameter, all of the other filter parameters you provided will be ignored (except activecallkey. activecallkey has higher priority).

untransferredOptional "true" or "false", default "false". If "true" only untransferred records is included in response.

Example: 01:00:00&finishdate=2015-09-16 02:00:00&app_token=12345678


Explanation of the fields in CDR:

keyUnique ID of the call
callidCallid header in SIP protocol
queuedTrue if the call is entered any queue
answeredTrue if the call is answered
assignedTrue if the call is assigned to an agent by the ACD
abandonTrue if the call is not answered by anybody
queuedateWhen the call is entered the queue
calldateInitial call start date
talkdateTalking start date if the call is answered
hangupdateHangup date of the call
waitdurationWait duration in seconds, including ringing time
durationTotal duration in seconds. Difference between hangupdate and calldate
slTrue if the call is answered within sl threshold
shortcallTrue if the call is abandoned within shortcall threshold
calleridPhone number of the caller
called_numCalled number
queueName of the queue
inboundTrue if the call is an incoming call
agentUsername (Email) of the agent
agentidUnique ID of the agent
holdNumber of times agent hold the call
holddurationTotal hold duration
queuekeyUnique ID of the queue
voicemailTrue if a voicemail message exist for the call
uniqueidSupplied transactionid when triggering click2call
recordingurlURL for the recording file
localreleaseTrue if the call is ended locally
answeredbyAnswering knowledge defined in IVR

Number of times transferred the call

channelChannel information of the call

Additional Fields

call_historyArray of call history items
csat_answersArray of Customer Satisfaction Survey answers.
call_tagsArray of call tags