Report Agent Status Details

Returns agent status information for the given period.

100 records maximum for a single request.

Required parameters:

app_tokenMandatory. Application token supplied by Alotech.
startdateMandatory. Start date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S format.
finishdateMandatory. Finish date in %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S format.
agentusernameOptional. Username (Email) of the agent.
agentcustomidOptional. Custom ID of the agent.
cursorOptional. You can request to get more records with the cursor.

Example 1: 01:00:00&finishdate=2015-09-16 02:00:00&app_token=12345678

Example 2 01:00:00&finishdate=2015-09-16 02:00:00&app_token=12345678&

Example 3 01:00:00&finishdate=2015-09-16 02:00:00&app_token=12345678&agentcustomid=1903