Click 2 Call

Used to trigger a call to given number.

Agent must login to Alotech and open agent console before triggering this method.

This is an async method, always returns "success".

Required parameters:

phonenumberMandatory. Number you want to call.
transactionidOptional. You can use a unique id to get information about your request. If not provided Alotech is generating a GUID for each call.
sessionMandatory. Session key for the agent.

Optional. If you provide a url in this field, Alotech sends a HTTP POST request to this url as soon as the call hangs up.

You can find the POST body in the following table.

selected_queueOptional. You can enable queue selection (from the agent screen) by setting this parameter to 'on', otherwise calls starts from default queue.


If the called number is to be masked.

Valid options:

  • 1
  • on
  • true
call_idstringUnique call id
caller_idstringCalling number
called_numstringCalled number
call_datestringCall date in "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" format
transaction_idstringTransaction id of the call
agent_usernamestringUsername of the agent
durationintDuration of the call in seconds
dispositionstringDisposition of the dial attempt. You can find the values in the below table
tenantstringTenant name of the call

Call is answered. A successful dial. The caller reached the callee.


Busy signal.

NOANSWERThe dial command reached its number, the number rang for too long, then the dial timed out.
CANCELCall is cancelled. The dial command reached its number but the caller hung up before the callee picked up.
CONGESTIONThis status is usually a sign that the dialled number is not recognised.
CHANUNAVAILChannel unavailable. On SIP, peer may not be registered.

Privacy mode, callee rejected the call.


Privacy mode, callee chose to send caller to torture menu

INVALIDARGSError parsing Dial command arguments


Hangup URL POST Body Content Type: form-urlencoded string