Alotech Access and Network Requirements

The network and access configuration information needed to use the Alotech Cloud Call Center is listed below.

Minimum system requirements

  • CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster CPU

  • RAM: 2 gigabyte (GB) (32 bit) veya 4 GB (64 bit) 

  • Hard Disk Drive: 32 GB (32 bit) veya 40 GB (64 bit)

  • Headset: USB headset recommended

Applications required on the Customer Representative's computer

Protocols and addresses to be authorized by Web Filter / Firewall


5060 (UDP)

10000-60000 (UDP)

443 (TCP/UDP)


İstanbul (Primary)


Ankara (Secondary)


List of URLs that should be granted access



Popup and status changes require access to the following link.

Why should the Firewall / Web Filter allow URL-based authorization? Is IP-based authorization possible?

The Alotech application is running on the Google App Engine PaaS platform. This platform is served by Google data centers (click here for locations) spread across the globe. These services again provide uninterrupted and geographically redundant access all over the world with a Region and Zone planning planned by google.

This architecture does not allow all services to be enabled by allowing several IPs. Using URL-based authorization for access to Alotech services is the fastest solution. However, our users who do not allow the existing infrastructure to do so can contact our support team at to learn the current Google IP blocks and can perform general authorization for these blocks.